Is Desire Necessary?

Countless couples – possibly nearly all couples who have spent more than a year or two together – have experienced a loss of interest in sex by one partner or the other.  Often this causes real distress.  One partner may end up feeling rejected, unloved, and frustrated, while the other may feel guilty and inadequate.  … More Is Desire Necessary?

Tough Love for Bubbie

Helping someone you care about when they don’t want help is complex. When do you honor their wishes, and when do you superimpose your own beliefs out of a conviction that your instincts are correct? Several years ago, my husband and I faced this question with my mother-in-law. It was among the hardest and most important things we’ve ever done. … More Tough Love for Bubbie

Lost That Lovin’ Feeling? 6 Ways to Jump-Start Desire

If the problem persists for some time, the higher-desire partner usually reports that he or she has also lost interest. “I can only take so much rejection,” they will report, “and after a while I just gave up.” Their partner’s lack of interest may have led to their own loss of confidence and they respond by shutting down their own sexual desire. … More Lost That Lovin’ Feeling? 6 Ways to Jump-Start Desire