One View of Mindfulness

Just as computers left in sleep mode signal occasional blips of malfunction, so too, the consequences of living with divided attention carry hidden costs –spiraling anxiety, disrupted sleep, poor eating habits, emotional burnout. Just as turning off a computer can offer a vital reboot, so too, learning to quiet the mind –can afford an amazing respite from undue anxiety and despair. … More One View of Mindfulness

Tough Love for Bubbie

Helping someone you care about when they don’t want help is complex. When do you honor their wishes, and when do you superimpose your own beliefs out of a conviction that your instincts are correct? Several years ago, my husband and I faced this question with my mother-in-law. It was among the hardest and most important things we’ve ever done.… More Tough Love for Bubbie

A New, Interactive Approach to Psychological Testing

Psychological testing, which used to be extremely time-consuming and costly, has entered the digital age.  “Interactive” testing via iPad is now available. History of Psychological Testing “IQ testing”, for measuring “intelligence” or cognitive abilities, began in this country after the turn of the last century.  Americans have always been a pragmatic people, sticklers for precision… More A New, Interactive Approach to Psychological Testing